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EPC Patients
March 16, 2018

DVA Patients

Melbourne DVA Physio

Prevent Injury & Enhance Performance

At Melbourne Physio Centre, we treat respiratory, physical, and neurological conditions of Veteran Community using techniques such as manipulation, massage, and exercise. Melbourne Physio Centre believes in helping everyone. It is a place with facilities and services designed to increase the well-being and quality of life of people. We actively assist DVA card holders.

What are DVA Health Cards?

DVA also known as Department of Veterans Affairs issues health cards to veterans and their widowers and dependents so that they could have access to health and other care services.

Veterans with DVA Gold and White card, you can avail physiotherapy services and meet your clinical needs.

How we help you?

If you have any of the DVA (white or gold) card, you can avail our services by presenting the card at the start of the consultation. Our talented team will assist you and help you with clinical physiotherapy. We will determine the number and frequency of service along with the type of clinical need.


If you think you are eligible for this program, then you should discuss it with your doctor.

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